CACG Released The Global Green Governance Principle

更新时间:2017/07/31 阅读次数:185

In July 22nd, the 9th International Symposium on Corporate Governance was held at Nankai University. During this conference, Professor Li Wei’an, who is the president of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics and the Dean of China Academy of Corporate Governance in Nankai University, released the first principle about green governance - Global Green Governance Principle. 

In recent decades, environmental problems prompt people to rethink the status of mankind in nature, as well as the relationship between economic development and the environment protection. If we want to have an inclusive development between man and nature, we should form a perception of green governance with the thinking of "harmony between mankind and the nature".

Green governance emphasizes full consideration of the affordability of the ecological environment, and promotes sustainable socio-economic development through innovative models, methods and technologies in the context of ecological environment carrying capacity. The public pool resource attributes and strong externalities of the ecological environment make it involved in participants of all social and economic activities (such as governments, enterprises, social organizations, the public, etc.), and to solve the ecological environment issues is a long term systematic project.

Effective green governance requires the governance bodies to adhere to the concept of "pluralistic governance", to identify the relevance of each subject in the governance system, to take into account the interests, demands and responsibilities of the parties from the overall perspective, and to build the governance structure, mechanism and model based on the shared governance rights.

Professor LiWei-an, with his team analyzes domestic and foreign related literatures, laws and regulations which related to green governance, identifies governing subject and proposes basic framework of green governance based on the perspective of governance. Furthermore, Prof. Li and his team release The Global Green Governance Principle to guide the green governance behaviors.

The Principle provides guidance on governing body identification, governance responsibility definition, and behavior shaping and model synergy of green governance. Considering that different countries, regions and organizations are at different stages of green governance, the Principle hopes to benefit countries, regions and organizations with poor green governance basis, as well as those with better green governance experience, as an introductory guide, or as a thinking model to improve the current green governance to a new level.